Ralph and Donna Hood came to Westcliffe in 1998 to visit a business associate. They were instantly captivated by the big blue skies, the lush green fields, and the purple painted mountains that can only be seen in Westcliffe, Colorado.

The little town welcomed them as if they were family. The two-fingered Westcliffe wave confirmed to them that this friendly, little town would be an ideal place to settle down. Donna had a keen interest in Western Native American cultures and also a passion for horses. Ralph, an avid hunter and outdoors man was drawn by the western game species and stark beauty of the Wet Mountain Valley. It didn't take long to come up with ideas and a piece of property to take advantage of the spectacular view.

The Hoods built a state-of-the-art arena and have become active members of the Westcliffe community, while enjoying their painted view. Donna resides almost full-time at the ranch. Ralph commutes, holding down the fort and filling his responsibility as President/CEO and owner in the biotechnology industry located in Chester County, Pennsylvania.


A Painted View Ranch is committed to perpetuating the western and ranching lifestyle through equestrian events, music and community service. As preservation breeders of the Old Line Nokota® breed, we help to ensure their survival. We hold dear the values and work ethic a life living close to the land provides. Our goal at A Painted View Ranch is to pass these traits and values onto our youth. It is our focus for the present and our legacy for the future.

Vision Statement

The Old West will start at A Painted View Ranch. A visit is always worth the trip.